My Dream

My dream is to push our minds, past what we believe as our limits , so we may understand the vast capabilities and opportunities of people as a civilization. Just like the front page. Literally word for word.  I have this hanging up in my room. I see it immediately before sleeping and immediately following waking.

My Background

I am 23, currently travelling around the United States, worked at CGI as a Software Developer for a year after graduating college.I realized I did’t want to be a software consultant and then decided I should use the funds I saved up to discover more about life.  I received a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems at the University of Alabama in May 2017.

I’m now highly interested in psychology, anthropology, learning, and essentialism to enrich my life and the lives of others. I have delved deep into the atmosphere of psychology recently and have discovered there is a whole world within ourselves that the world does not consider common knowledge or even consider in the same dimension…

I want to share what I’ve learned so people can learn from my mistakes as well as the mistakes that I have learned from others. 

Also, I have spent ample time in generating personally specific “tools” that high level creators utilize on a daily basis that I have found, work for me.  I have spent the last 8 months listening to podcasts, for around 6 hours a day, and reading books to continually update the set of tools in my tool set that I now utilize daily.