How to Release and Learn from your past

Is there constantly one event or multiple events on your mind that you can’t seem to shake off?  This 6 minute video will teach you to trick your brain into learning from that event rather than dwell in it.  Developed by psychologists and professor like Jordan Peterson and Dr. Daniel Higgins, this is a practice that I use everyday, and something that is an invaluable asset of practicing moving past traumatic events.

2 thoughts on “How to Release and Learn from your past”

    1. Joey,
      Thanks for reaching out.
      I’d like to prepuce this response.

      First, I have no experience with divorce, but I do have experience with past relationships that hurt, quite badly, once they were over. I will also say that these things may not work for you at all. I am definitely not qualified to answer this question given the information you have provided on your past relationships and also with my experience with divorce or being in he environment with divorce is discussed, which is minimal.

      Second, the response I will give you will be one based off of the ideas and practices that I’ve implemented from other high level individuals into my life.

      Here goes, along with this posts ideas, I will say that staying healthy so my mind is as clear as possible, , and being aware of that so moving forward takes much less mental power.

      With that, I would say that you could start journaling your thoughts on this person so they aren’t just rumbling around in your head to be looped on over and over again. This will allow your mind to see these things on paper and then allow you to move past that first layer of event looping within your mind.

      Also reading books on these avenues of events would be quite beneficial as well as podcasts.

      Thanks Joey!
      Stay well my friend.

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